Windows Loader by Daz is widely used, most safe and comfortable tool that can successfully activate your windows in just few minutes. Otherwise, Official windows loader/Daz loader activator can activate many Microsoft products without using genuine licence keys. It may look illegal to most of people But, This is a security hole in their operating system that they didn’t pay much attention to. So, We take that advantage to activate their products for free of cost.

The Features of Windows Loader by Daz

Here are the notable features of this Windows 7 activator:

  • Activate both 64 bit | 32 bit versions of Windows 7.
  • Compatibility with all popular updates and services of Microsoft.
  • Supported with all system languages.
  • Allows you to install custom OEM information.
  • Can use to Pre-activate Windows.
  • No extra processes will be running on computer.
  • You don’t have to suffer about eating at your RAM.
  • All elements of this Daz loader application are encrypted.
  • Windows loader will not modify or harm any files used by the system.
  • Diagnose WAT [Windows Activation Technology] changes.
  • Small file size with branded ratings.
  • No key is needed for install or activation.
  • Don’t needed BIOS modification on your PC.
  • Fully cleared from boot text.
  • Offline and Online activation methods.
  • Works with dual-boot configure.
  • Don’t need extra processes to complete activation.
  • Allows you to use external certificate/license storage.
  • Permanent life time validate activation.
  • User friendly interface and activation module.
  • Easy to activate and work with it.
  • 100% working tool and free from unnecessary files.
  • Finally! Save your pocket and time.

Some of the tools in the market provide fake windows activators including simply modified registry files. Then after the reboot your computer, many of these activation methods will be detected and also deleted. Therefore windows activation not working correctly and exists until you restart your PC.

But , with our latest, advanced and official windows loader activator, you will never want to use another activator again. Because it’s 100% permanent. As mentioned at above working proof paragraph, our loader application itself insert system licensed internal code in to your system before it’s boots. So, that can bypass windows activation technology directly and what fools windows think it’s activate with genuine.

Activation Guide:

  1. Install any version of Windows 7 and MS Office.
  2. Close all other Windows applications and save any non saved documents, files and running programs.
  3. Temporary disabled your anti-virus program including Windows Defender. [IMPORTANT]. [Because AV programs not allows to apply registry patch and activation code on Windows].
  4. Download Windows Loader from HERE.
  5. Run the windows loader and complete the installation. It’s will take few minutes and keep your internet connection as well.
  6. Wait! If you see Windows Protected Your PC message box on the screen, click more info at the end of the paragraph and choose Run Anyway option in right down corner.
  7. Restart your computer after the installation complete.
  8. Done! Enjoy your permanently activated genuine Windows and Office copies.

When you start activation process, click the activation button. Then after loader tries to get combination with key management service on your server available. Key management service used on windows operating system in 2007. It has real ability for perform windows and office product activation tasks.

Warning! There are lot of fake KMS servers available from various software publishers in all over the world. After that, loader successfully established a affair with KMS server. It downloads the assailant token files [.tc files] that needs to activate the specific Microsoft products. It may be office 2016, windows 10, office 365 and many more. Doesn’t matter about what product Daz loader can activate. Because, official windows loader works with any of Microsoft windows and office products successfully. That’s the different with official windows loader and other windows loader tools. You don’t need to find separate activator. Our windows loader tool keep your smile forever! 🙂

Is It Easy Technology?

You may wondering after using our official windows loader activator. Your react should be cool smile. But, loader is the final result of team Daz hard dedication. So, totally it’s not that easy process. Daz team faces major trouble and challenge is constant security updates released regularly by Microsoft.

Developing a windows loader activator will not take more than a few days to well experienced programmers. But, creating Daz windows loader comfortably with all the frequent windows updates is the hardest, sophisticated part of the development process. So, windows loader is 100% working, successfully finished ,completely free and open source software project who conducted by Team Daz Developments. Keep in your mind. So, this is not easy process. This is advanced too much. It’s non-profit work and Daz team hasn’t any petty gains as well.