Do you need Windows 7 product key? The answer is yes and no. Actually, a valid  product key is needed if you wish to successfully install and activate Win 7.

When we say a valid key, that mean you must purchase the original version of Windows license either from the local stores authorized by Microsoft or you can get the key online i.e. Microsoft site or online stores like Amazon.

This is because when you install or reinstall the operating system, you are prompted to type/paste in the 25-character key or serial number. This key is used by Microsoft to validate you have a genuine copy of software.

When you search around online, you will discover terms like Windows 7 serial numbers, serial key, activation key, license key, activation code and so on, actually those terms are referring to Win 7 product key. Do you know that you can activate Windows 7 without a product key?


Is the Product Keys and Product IDs SAME?

You must seriously take note that the Product Keys and Product IDs are two completely different things and hence there are NOT SAME.

The Product ID is 20-character which identifies the product channel it belongs, OEM, Retail, Volume License. It’s created during the installation process and is prominently displayed when you click on the Start button – right-click on the Computer and click Properties. The product ID is displayed under the Windows activation section. It’s of number use during the installation process.

The Product Key is 25-character which you have to purchase a specific license for Win 7. It’s use to validate and prove the ownership of license and is required to perform the complete installation process. Normally the serial key is stored on the DVD case/packaging on the sticker that stated clearly – Do not lose this number. If you purchase an OEM computer, the key is stick on a Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) sticker that can be found on a computer/laptop case.

windows 7 product key


Windows 7 Product Key and Activation

Well do you know the relationship between the Win 7 product key and activation?

The activation is the process of ensuring that operating system installed on your computer is used according to the Microsoft Software License Terms. This is not same as product registration – a process to enter personal information in order to get help or support from Microsoft.

So, you need to have a valid or genuine 25-digit serial key in order to activate either the 32-bit or 64-bit of Windows 7 edition that you buy and installed. Depending how you purchase the software, you will get this serial key. If you purchase the software online from Digital River, you should have received an email with the 25-character license key. Please keep the product key as you may need it when you reinstall operating system in the future.

Please note that the Win 7 activation key can only be used to activate the same edition of OS that it was for, and cannot be used to activate a different edition like:

  • A Win 7 Family Pack product key can be used to activate the Family Pack up to 3 computers at any one time.
  • A Win 7 OEM product key number can only be used to activate a OEM copy on the same computer that it was first activated on, and no other computer.
  • A Win 7 Retail product key number can be used to activate a retail copy on any computer, but only on up to one computer at any one time.

Any inquiries, contact Microsoft Customer Service at 1-800-642-7676.


How To Activate Windows 7 The Easy Way?

Please note that you must activate your system within 30 days of installation. The activation help to prove you use the legit software and helps prevent software counterfeiting. There are two legit ways to do it:

  • Using the Internet
  • Over the telephone

For more information about the two activation methods above, visit this page.

Other than this, you also can use the third-party tools i.e. activator or loader to activate your system. Among then, the Windows Loader by Daz was the most popular tool.

This method can save you from purchasing a copy of license and you can use it to successfully activate the Win 7, click here for more info.

Note: This is for information and education purpose only, we encourage you to get a genuine copy of the product at Microsoft site.