As you may know, Windows 7 already in the market for some time and it’s one of the most stable operating system (OS). In fact, it’s proven that this edition comes with many improvement of features and functionalities.

But you need to invest some money before you can get a valid license. Else, you may heard of Windows 7 crack or you also looking for it.

Unfortunately, there is no crack available as this Windows is an OS and not just a small software that can be crack easily. Cracking software involve modifying the critical files to bypass the prompt of activation or inserting a serial key.

So, in order to verify a validity of the OS, Microsoft comes with a method call product activation to ensure that every copy of software installed on a PC or laptop is genuine.

You need to buy the software and will get the license key or serial/product key that is needed when activating the software.

Windows 7 crack

So How to Crack Windows 7?

There is no way to do it BUT you can use software to activate Windows 7 and use the system just like the people buying an original license copy of Windows. Usually we called the software as Windows activator.

The activator is a third-party standalone program that can activate the Windows and enabling all the program features and functionalities. In other words, it’s a program that uses to crack Windows 7 and make it ‘look’ genuine.

There are several Win 7 activators available on the Internet for free download like Windows Loader, RemoveWAT, Windows 7 loader extreme edition, etc.


How about Using the Fake Windows 7 Product Key?

The fake serial or product keys refer to the one that was use by people and they share it on the Internet. You may be able to use the key to install the OS but the fake product key is unable to activate Windows 7. So you need to purchase a genuine license key only that you can activate the OS.

Sometime you may see the program or serial key generator that can generate many keys but those keys also no guarantee can be use to install and activate the OS.


What happen if your copy of Windows 7 is not crack or activated?

After installation you will be given a grace period of 30-day to activate the Windows. So, if you purchase a license key than you can either activate it over the Internet or over the phone.

If you do not activate the product after 30-day, then some of the system features and functionalities will be limited or even disabled.

If you do not get the valid product key then you need to use the Windows 7 activator to activate the Windows. Those activators can do a pretty good job but it’s illegal and the download links provided on this site is for education purposes.



Windows 7 crack usually refer to the product activation crack. To activate the OS using a valid product key is easy but you need to invest some money only you can get it.

Alternatively, you can use the free Windows activator to do the activation. For more info on how to use the loaders can be found here.

The free way not necessary not good but definitely it can save some money especially if you are in tight budget. We provide the tools for education purpose and please support the software developer once you can afford.